Welcome to School Council

At Crookhill Primary, we have a strong school council. The purpose of our school council is to involve our pupils in school actively meaning they play a part in our school and the wider community.

Within school council meetings, they bring their own classes ideas, interests and issues to be discussed, finding suitable solutions and suggestions as a whole school. This can involve pupils actively seeking information from others within their class and presenting this within each meeting. In working this way it also develops the skills, commitment and involvement of everyone in the school, including both staff and pupils. It is part of our school ethos to ensure that everyone is listened to and to actively seek changes where needed, not always relying on others.

From this school counsellors have:

  • Raised money for a variety of charities including ‘Children In Need’ and ‘Red Nose Day’

  • Surveys for school lunches

  • Improved the outdoor areas

  • Been able to seek donations from local businesses to buy resources

  • Organised a whole school art competition

  • Choose resources for school, such as playground equipment

This year we hope to have another successful year!